3 Psychological Effects of A Cartoon Logo

I created my first cartoon logo over a decade ago when I was in the military. This was a very difficult time in my life, but the psychological effects of that first cartoon logo helped me get through that experience, and it still helps me today.

I have a strong red personality. In hindsight I see how that affected me in the military.

It started in high school when I was in ROTC. I received a full 4 year college scholarship. After I completed my four years of college, the second part of the agreement was to spend four years serving as an officer in the military.

I was excited! I had set two goals. I was going to be a pilot and I was going to be a four star general. Leadership came naturally to me, so I could see the military as the perfect home for me.

Well my first obstacle came when I arrived at college as a freshman for my very first semester. When I visited the financial aid department I received some surprising news. I did not have a full four year scholarship. It was only three and a half years, and I was expected to pay for the first semester out of my pocket. The only thing in my pocket at that time was some lint.

If there was one thing that caused me to lose my temper back then, it was being lied to…by a person, or by an institution. Fortunately I have grown a lot since then, and such trivial things do not bother me anymore.

As I tell this story, I revisit the emotions I felt as a confused, unfocused teenager.

I was not exactly your ideal teenager. For example, I remember the time when I stole my parents’ car to pick up my equally bad friends, and wrecked it because I was drinking and driving. Fortunately, I only had to face the wrath of my mom and dad, and not of an unsympathetic law enforcement officer.

I also remember when I tried to sneak a girl into my parents’ house. My room was right across the hallway from my mom and dad’s room. How smart was I? I remember hearing my mom wake up to go downstairs. I remember that girl climbing down my bed sheet out of my second story bedroom window.

When she landed on the ground she exclaimed, “Your mom’s staring right at me!”

I also remember yelling at my parents “I hate you!” That led to a fist fight. I was on top of my father, and my mom was on my back trying to beat me off of my father.

My parents were so proud of me when I was awarded a full 4-year ROTC college scholarship. All of my friends congratulated me.

By the time I arrived at the university as a college freshman, I was starting to feel the guilt from all of the grief I had caused my parents. It was one of the hardest things I had to do, to call them from my dorm room to let them know they had to pay for my first semester of college.

Fast forward a few years…I had dropped out of college and I was enlisted in the military at the lowest rank possible. Obviously, I had given up on the dream of being a pilot and a four star general.

I found myself in a position where I was being told what to do all of the time. A red personality type likes to give orders, but they hate to be told what to do. I was miserable.

I was viewed as a “dirt bag” by all of my superiors. This is when I created my first cartoon logo…”The Invincible J”.

3 Psychological Effects of A Cartoon Logo

1. Builds Confidence – Even though I felt alone and insignificant at that point in my life, The Invincible J could overcome any challenge, and he could outsmart any enemy (my superiors).

2. Causes You To Improve Your Performance – The Invincible J was everything I was not, but I found myself living up to his expectations.

3. Helps You Overcome Challenges – The Invincible J showed up in my life during each of my five car accidents. He also showed up when I had a stroke and became temporarily disabled.

People will look at your cartoon logo and may think it is cute, and possibly even humorous, but there is more to it than meets the eye.