A Newborn You Could Be The Solution

You fought a great battle. You emerge a winner. And you were exhilarated with glory and pride. When you try to look back at the past events that happened in your life you feel happy and relieve at the same time. Because you knew it was all in the passed and no matter what it did to you before, you knew you have the all the card to tossed against the enemies of your present. You had your pain that thought you to be strong and understanding. You had your losses that thought you to be humble and grateful. And you have everything to be thankful and hopeful for.

Everything is new and wonderful around you
You were in the middle of a busy street corner, despite the heat and the irritation of people-everything seems in happy tune with you. Have you had this feeling? Maybe when you were in infatuation stage of your love life-but seriously, it’s the same feeling when you felt relieve from the past, and you are ready to begin a new stage of your life. You don’t expect anything but the feeling of being grateful for still breathing and existing on earth is all you have to thank for.

You don’t expect anything but you are positive
Everything is in placed for us; it’s the way we perceive things that makes it difficult for us to achieve what we wanted. You don’t expect anything, you just do the things you routinely do and make it worthwhile and happy. And everything that you do turns out to be better and successful for you. Why, because you didn’t expect anything but you just do what you have to do. And your optimism and enthusiasm attracts the success towards you. It does not mean you don’t hope, but you just perceive your success as being there already that’s why you don’t expect it coming because it exist already.

You feel important and attractive
You don’t know why, but you can’t stop yourself from smiling to anyone and being friendly. It’s because you had the feeling of being important and beautiful. Have you noticed why famous people and politicians can’t stop themselves from smiling and being friendly to the people around them? It’s because they felt important and attractive. They knew that their presence exudes power and attraction to the people that surrounds them. It’s not only about the fame and votes they will get, but the feeling of being happy and important which emanates through their relationship with the public. And having the same feeling with these individuals, you can share the same attraction of success towards you because you are feeling the importance of being successful already.

Having the feeling of renewed personality connotes positive feeling and perception of everything. When you are a newborn you see everything as new and positive. You have the innocence of pessimism and the maturity of optimism. Together you can now begin your new battle in the arena of life.