It’s A Meaningful Life – How To Discover Yours

Normally, you probably don’t lie awake at night worrying about whether your life has purpose or meaning. Your mind is busy, filled with thoughts about your irritable boss and the demands of your job. Perhaps, your daughter needs braces, or you’re wondering what to do for the weekend.

It’s easy for you to get caught up in the daily routine of living. It’s after the big stuff hits that you begin to wonder whether your life has a purpose or is meaningful. Events such as divorce, loss of a loved one, diagnosis of a serious illness or disability can result in your questioning life’s purpose or meaning. At times daily living can become unbearable.

It’s at this point, where knowing and understanding what matters is important to you. You want a life full of love, joy, peace and happiness. Additionally, the knowing what’s important can lead to the “How” in receiving your desires.

A Meaningful Life, What Is It?

Many people believe that life is a joy ride. Others feel that life is about learning a lesson. For some, life means we’re here to experience for God, or to discover enlightenment. Then, ultimately, there are those who believe life holds no purpose nor has any meaning at all.

What I’m speaking about here, isn’t a philosophical context or idea. I’m talking about the push come to shove meaningfulness that empowers your true everyday life. The only meaning that counts is the meaning you give to your life. A life meaning and purpose that’s individualized to you, specifically,not your Mother’s purpose, nor your Fathers.

A meaning and purposeful life are something you give to yourself. It’s not a one size fit all theory that’s out in the cosmos. It’s something you bring forth into your life by how you perceive the values you wish to live by and the choices you make. Meanings are a result of your perceptions, faith and beliefs, about the persons, places and life events that are important to you.

Why Meaning Is Important

Mankind is unique from other living beings, because throughout time, man has been a seeker of the Meaning of Life. A life without meaning or purpose feels empty and lacks contentment. Everything becomes a chronic searching for a substitute to fill the emptiness. The obtaining of power, wealth and self-gratification is temporary. It simply creates a frustrated wanting for more.

Your life becomes enriched when your desires come naturally as a result of your passion, love and willingness to serve others.

Being aware of your thoughts, knowing what matters and what you want from life, will give you a comfortable feeling of purpose. A life of purpose allows you to move forward finding new ways to express yourself. You will learn to like and love yourself. Your feelings of self-love will propel your sense of self-worth and personal satisfaction. You will benefit from the ability to experience and grow each day. Your knowledge and understanding give you the strength to create your life as you want and deserve.

How To Discover Your Life’s Meaning

Discovering your Life’s meaning can come like a bolt of lighting, or as slow rolling molasses. Your attitude and perceptions will decide at what speed and by what means you will discover your life meaning.

You will find what you’re searching for, if you can accept responsibility for how you give of yourself to others. Most important is your willingness to accept responsibility for how you respond to life events.

Know Yourself

If fear and doubt have you stuck, meaning life has numbed you, so that you become unclear about who or what you are as a person. Then, take a personal inventory of yourself. Look within yourself, be still, and listen. Start with the following:

1. What did I like and enjoy as a child? Example, baseball, camping, chocolate, don’t leave anything out, include, food, clothes, activities, people, animals, events, everything and anything.

2. What do I like and enjoy as an adult? note: write everything even if you never had the time to take part as an adult. List everything as if there were no limits holding you back, like money, time, health, or physical ability.

3. What am I good at doing?

4. What are my Strengths? example, I am creative, loving, kind, brave etc

5. What are my Dreams, Goals and Desires? Answer as if all things were possible, and nothing to hold you back, like, money, time, ability, etc.

6. What Kind of person am I?

7. What Kind of person do I want to become? What do I wish to change?

In this assessment, answer as completely and honestly as possible. Look for the true person that lives within you. Respond to the questions from that type of person, or the type of person that you believe lives within you.

The goal is to know yourself. Sometimes we get so wrapped in daily living, we forget who we truly are. Events and experiences from childhood have shaped our perception of life and ourselves. It’s about finding the real you buried within.

Also. Think about the various areas of life, such as family, career, faith and beliefs, spirituality, relationships, hobbies, etc. Decide, which are the most important to you now. Decide how the real inner you would respond or behave in these areas.

Finding The Key

It’s all about jogging your thoughts and emotions to help you discover the inner you that’s been buried for a long time.

Set aside time to sit quiet, tapping into your inner power, ask your questions, wait quietly and patiently. You will be pleased as the answers begin to come slowly. Do not stress, have patience and listen to your voice within. The answers will come. Going within to what I call your God Force energy will give you strength and confidence.

It’s about discovering the knowledge and understanding of who and what you are. So, that you can create a meaningful life of Health, Wealth and Happiness. A life that God meant for you to live.

I welcome your comments, suggestions and questions. Until next time! Warm Regards!