Rejections Add to the Return, Not Diminish the Return

Most of us are familiar with rejection at some point in our lives. Many people close to you who you trusted might have rejected you and let you down.

Feeling rejected can be very damaging to the self-esteem and self-confidence, if you do not have the tools to implement in such instances. Anger and bitterness are results of rejection, but they are very damaging to the spirit. Diminish

Sometimes, it only takes incident of rejection to lead us to a path of not trusting people and feeling uncomfortable in certain situations that bring on the fear of rejection. Some of the signs of the fear of rejection are being nervous to meet new people, not wanting to speak in a group setting, hesitant about telling someone how you feel about them and any situation that warrants expressing your inner feelings.

Fear of rejection is experienced more according to the importance of the person to which such fear is extended. However, this fear may only be perceived due to some unrelated or related experiences. Some people will have higher levels of rejection than some because they may have suffered for a longer time from other people’s callous behavior or they may have deeper underlying issues going on.

If someone has a low self-image, there is a potential for them to feel rejected in the slightest ways. So if an individual wants to overcome rejection, it calls to reason that they should work on improving themselves. How you envision yourself is what you will portray to others. Your assumption that you will be rejected may just be the condition of your mind and how you feel about yourself.

There are different ways that you can overcome rejection or the fear of it. Defining who you are so that you do not have to depend on others to make you happy or fulfilled is a good place to start. Be assertive and relinquish any desire to be part of a clique. Hold your own individuality. Create happiness for yourself by taking time out for you. Forgive yourself. Don’t be too hard on yourself. See out relationships that will empower you and people who will not judge you. Never settle for less.

Focus on your inner self and cultivate an environment of change so that you can become the person you were purposed to be. In the event that you do, you will begin to love yourself unconditionally. When you begin to change for the higher good, you will eventually attract people of like mind. Give of yourself without expecting anything in return. Love others as you would love yourself. Be the light in any dark situations. In other words, be the “bigger person.” It is at this milestone that you will find true peace in your heart.

Rejection only serves to try to diminish your character, but you can rise above it, if you have the necessary knowledge and tools to create your own sense of self. Don’t measure yourself by the standards of others. It will only get you so far. Be your own measuring stick according to your values and aspirations.