Revealed The One Amazing Fact You Simply Have To Know To Live Through A Devastating Hurricane Storm


“The huge hurricane storm tore through the coastline and blasted into the seaside city with the crushing impact of over one hundred fully loaded trains. As the frightened household huddled together the screaming winds made it difficult to talk and be heard… and the complete darkness that had surrounded them, threatened to crush the hope out of their tired bodies”.

To help you gain a significant benefit in making it through dangerous natural disasters, such as a tremendous typhoon or cyclone storm, here is the one certain truth you MUST understand to survive any disaster, natural or in daily life itself.

SURVIVAL FACT: Attitude Is Everything.

Attitude is the most crucial word in the survival language. Attitude is a way of thinking or a choice you make. You chose to be confident or uncertain, to learn or stay ignorant, and to be a survivor in life or not. Skill, understanding and experience in natural catastrophe scenarios are vital, but mindset is everything. You can have all you need in emergency preparedness and the ideal action plan of survival when you find yourself threatened by a terrible natural disaster or human made emergency situation – but, without the right attitude, it’ll all come to nothing…

So, how do you prepare yourself and your household to survive a major disaster like the indescribable fury of a tropical hurricane storm before it arrives? You require the right attitude together with a simple action plan. Skill, knowledge and experience in life’s disaster situations are crucial, however attitude is everything.

Now listen carefully…

In extreme circumstances the capability to make vital and typical life-saving survival decisions are reliant on you having a right mindset that is concentrated on efficient and persuasive confident thought patterns.

In a natural catastrophe or a daily-life scary emergency incident we can find our ‘survival’ thought patterns are usually uncertain and focused internally on ourselves (looking at the trouble) and are mostly subconscious, suggesting they have the tendency to be automatic responses that are based on emotional feelings (fear, confusion, anxiety) with little ‘thought’ behind them.

Nonetheless, confident ‘survival’ thought patterns in a disaster situation are typically focused externally on our surrounding circumstance (discovering a solution) and are mostly mindful, indicating they are made by a definitive effort of will based on recognized facts with precise ‘thought patterns’ (easy strategy) behind them, giving you ‘command’ over how you act decisively as a survivor – even in the confusion and havoc of a fiercely damaging tropical hurricane.

Needless to state, positive thought patterns are more effective with better outcomes than negative thought patterns plus, in life’s vocabulary you have to remove indecisive words like, ‘Can’t’, ‘Shouldn’t’, ‘Wouldn’t’ or ‘Don’t’ and change them with confident words like, ‘Can’, ‘Will’, ‘Try’ and ‘Do’.

Our uncertain thought patterns have the tendency to be the ‘default’ program of our thinking; they just immediately kick-in and begin influencing our actions. However, positive thought patterns take a mindful and definitive effort to become our ‘default’ program of thinking in how to survive a natural or life defining catastrophe.

Keep in mind, as you think… so it is with you.

To discipline ourselves to consciously be concentrated on positive survival thought patterns, rather than dropping into our ‘automatic default’ indecisive thinking patterns, is to think externally (focus on facts, not emotions) and to act quickly on our basic strategy.

Choosing an all-important ‘strategy of action’ integrated with the right attitude will offer you and your household a considerable benefit in being prepared and all set to live through a hurricane storm that can shred a metropolitan city apart or in reality, everyday life itself.