The Power of the Mind Using Simple Techniques

Unfortunately you say, this capacity and resiliency seems to have passed over quite a few people. you may even be able to write me a list of all the people that act like trained monkeys rather than capable adults. Well, having a brain does not necessarily mean that we use our brains to be sure. However this does not mean that the potential is not there either. In the following few steps I will guide you in unleashing the power of the mind using simple techniques.

Step one involves turning off our critical self. The critical self is one of the most influential yet potentially devastating tools that we have in the toolbox. Yet the critical self does not need to be devastating, it as you know is also responsible for many of the great workings on this planet. The critical self asks questions and looks for answers to problems as well. So why do we need to turn this off you ask? Turning off the critical self is key to being in the moment. Think of the last fun thing that you did and it probably had nothing to do with the critical self. Rid yourself of negativity and unleash the power of the mind.

Do something different each day. I know this may be uncomfortable at first, but the amount of self preserving fortitude that you inherit by doing this will help keep those imaginative juices flowing in your brain. Your brain is somewhat hardwired and fixed but it is also very moldable. Studies have shown that you can manipulate and shape your brain to adapt to new surroundings. Much like molding a piece of clay, you can shape it and make it better by new experience. Mold and shape your brain into something positive and unleash the power of the mind.

Be the change that you want. If you want to change then be that change. Simply put, if you want others to treat you positively than you need to do so for yourself. This is one of the simplest yet often misunderstood aspects of the human drama. We often forget that when we change our perception that we change our world. If you are negative all the time chances are that you will attract negative people into your life.

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